How to integrate Convertifier with your website?

Published On October 25, 2016

If you are going to integrate Convertifier on your website, then this is a how to guide for you. This article is divided into two sections depending upon the type of your website: E-commerce and non e-commerce. Integrating Convertifier with Magento Store Step 1: Sign up on with the website you want to integrate. You can...

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How to generate Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Id?

Published On October 14, 2016

Firebase cloud messaging enables applications or websites to send messages/notifications to their subscribed or client ids. And yes, its quite reliable. So, how do we generate FCM id or Firebase cloud messaging project Id? It’s pretty simple! Step 1: Sign in to the firebase console Step 2: Create a New...

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3 Steps To Increase Click Through Rate Of Your Browser Push Notifications!

Published On October 10, 2016

Click through rate is defined as the ratio of the users who click on the notification to go to the website to the number of users who viewed the same. It tells you how many users got attracted to enter the conversion funnel. Billions of notifications are sent to users either via android applications, iOS applications, browsers or mobile browsers....

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9 Tips to send promotional browser push notifications to your users!

Published On October 1, 2016

Promotional browser push notifications are a basic tool for every ecommerce owner or marketer to increase the sales on the ecommerce store. However, with the advent of time, marketers have started sending way too promotional browser push notifications. One thing which matters a lot in the promotional marketing is that it should not be...

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