Subscriber Analysis

Knowing the details of your users can help you strategize a number of things important for the growth of your business. In the analytics section of our dashboard, you get to see the important details of your subscribers including interactive click-through rate, conversion rate, location, browser, and device of the subscribers.

The detailed subscriber analysis gives you the power to take informed decisions based on the predictive insights.

Campaign Analysis

Our interactive screen for campaign analysis has been designed to help you understand the important metrics for measuring the success of the campaign. You can easily view and understand the delivered rate, open rate, click-through rate and the conversion rate of the campaign. It also tells if any of the subscribers has unsubscribed.

Understanding the success rate would help you understand which types of the campaigns are able to gain the attention of users and which are not.

Revenue Analysis

Grow your business by sending conversion focused push notifications, that’s what we say. And to help you analyse the growth in your revenue, we have created the revenue analysis screen which would show the growth in your revenue.

You can see your revenue as per the customer as well as by campaigns. The total revenue also gives you an idea of the conversion rate of your campaign.

Real-Time Data

With our analytics data, you can check, understand and realize the real-time data of the subscribers, campaign performances and the revenue generated.

Geographical Distribution

Identify the hot locations of your subscribers using our geographical distribution data and strategize your marketing strategy accordingly.

Browser Share

Whether it’s the Chrome or Firefox or Safari browser, see the detailed analysis of the subscribers, notifications delivered, clicks and conversions.

Devices Used

Just like browsers, you may analyse and understand which device is being used by your subscribers, from where the maximum conversions are happening etc.