Send Intelligent Pushes

Push notifications can have 3x to 10x higher returns over emails!

Sending browser push notifications is the newest and the smartest way to engage your users. Understanding the user’s behaviour pattern and sending them notifications based on their actions is what convertifier does for the ecommerce stores..

Mail Push
Open Rate 16.82% 85%
Opt-out Rates 0.41% 0.13%
Click Through Rates 2.48% 35%
Conversion Rate 1.4% 7%

Abandoned cart alerts

Recover the cart easily!

Predefined and personalized notifications are sent to your users who have abandoned the cart on your store. It increases the chances of the user to purchase the product.

Price drop alerts

Send notifications when prices drop!

Sending notifications to your users whenever the prices go down is a promotional way of increasing the sales. Our system sends notifications to only specific users.

Up sell & cross sell

Increase your product performance!

Through our predictive intelligence system we understand which user might like what and accordingly sends them notifications. And all of it happens on automated mode.

New arrivals alert

Shout out silently!

Whenever you have a new product in your collection, the notification will be sent to the specific set of users with high affinity.

Product view notification

Remind users of the products!

Entice the interest among your users by sending them the browser push notifications about the products they saw but did not purchase.

Back in stock alerts

Sends when products are back!

Our system keeps on syncing the data and ultimately sends the notifications to your users on its own whenever products are back.

Transactional notification

Send the order dispatch related info!

With our transactional push notifications, dispatch and shipping push notification alerts are sent to the users in the automated mode.

Wish list notification

Send info related to the wish list!

Don’t let your users miss their favorite product. Send them a notification. The wish list push notifications remind them of their product.

Automated Push

Automated but easily configurable!

We have not only given you predefined notifications but also we have made it easy for you to configure them. The data of the store gets synchronized with our system and accordingly the notifications get delivered. You can choose the auto sync feature or the manual sync. We recommend the auto sync as you need not worry about syncing the data every now and then.

You need not write a single line of code for sending these push notifications. These have been predefined keeping in mind the ease of access for the user.

Predefined segments

Classify users into loyalty groups!

In our predefined segments, you get to see your website users divided on the basis of their loyalty towards your ecommerce store. The segmentation has been defined based on various parameters including their orders, visits, views etc. The different types of final segments are as follows:

  • Loyalists
  • Potential loyalists
  • Need attention
  • On-off customers
  • New customers
  • Potential buyers

Interactive analytics

Easy to understand data!

The analytics screen of Convertifier has been divided into three sections namely subscriber analysis, campaign analysis and revenue analysis

In the subscriber analysis, you see the details of the subscriber trend line, click through rate, conversion rate, browser distribution, device distribution, geographical locations, etc. In the campaign analysis, you see and understand the performance of your all the campaigns. Different metrics like sent notifications, delivered notification, clicked notifications etc. are available in this screen. In the revenue analysis, you see and analyse the conversion rate and the revenue generated.