Increased Conversions

Aren’t your users all different from each other? So, why to send the same push notification to all of them?

Micro-segmenting the users smartly based on their behaviour pattern on the website is highly important for making them do what you want- to get converted and purchase more. Driving the engagement rate and conversion rate becomes easy if you are user specific.

Increase the chances of conversions by utilizing the power of micro-segmentations for your business.

Pre-defined Micro-segmentations

We have worked day and night to create the pre-defined micro-segments which automatically segment the subscribers. Hundreds of operators applied on their respective attributes enable you to go specific with the users and send personalized browser push notifications to them. Micro-segmentations and creativity have been combined together to build the foundation of the intelligent push notifications.

If you want to recover the 70% of the cart abandoned by your users and increase up sells and cross sells, then micro-segmentations are the best choice.

Easy To Use

Using segmentations is not a rocket science. You just need to select the predefined segments in the dashboard and its done. That’s it!

Specific Results

With our easy to select attributes, you can define a specific set of subscribers who have performed a particular activity.

Higher Conversion Rates

Yes, this is one benefit of using micro-segmentations as you lead to higher conversion rates and return on investment.

Thousands Of Attributes

From purchase history to view history and browser names to locations, all the attributes make the whole process smooth.