Click through rate is defined as the ratio of the users who click on the notification to go to the website to the number of users who viewed the same. It tells you how many users got attracted to enter the conversion funnel.

Billions of notifications are sent to users either via android applications, iOS applications, browsers or mobile browsers. It’s definitely not easy to gain the attention of your target audience. Attention and the time of the users is all what is required to make any marketing campaign successful. And for that, attracting the users is very important. If you can attract them, 25% of the work is done already.

So, to make it easy for you, we have listed these 3 steps which you must use to increase the click through rate of your browser push notifications.

Step 1: Analyse the user behaviour pattern on your website

Step 2: Use precise segmentation

Step 3: Write out of the box notification copy

Analyse the user behaviour

The very first step for sending intelligent push notifications is doing the perfect analysis of the users who are coming on your website. What is their buyer journey, what buyer persona do they belong to, how have they behaved in past to the offers on the website, and many more. You can use the enhanced ecommerce data from the google analytics of your website. It will help you understand the better picture of the conversion funnel, product performance, campaign performance etc. on the website. Also, using various ecommerce attributes like average order value, life time value of the customer etc. Understand the language your users speak and try to speak that language. Analysis is the key to the first lock.

Use precise segmentation

How do you decide which notification should be sent to which user? Who will respond better to a promotional browser push notification and who would respond better to a wish list push notification? All these questions are better understood while doing the analysis of the user behaviour pattern and the segmentation. Segmenting the users helps you define a bang on targeting for your push notifications. For example, there is a product which is in the wish list of a person but is going out of stock- then if you send a browser push notification to that person then it would be a relevant and personalized experience for the user. Segmenting the users is highly important as it increases the conversion rate and the purchase rate.

Write out of the box notification copy

Writing the intelligent browser push notification ad copy is the last but the most decisive step of this whole process. The notification copy has to be very catchy, attractive and persuasive. Take care of the following factors and you will be good to go:

Headline & Text: Try to keep the headline text and the description text minimum to two lines each. Exceeding it above the two lines may make it look too long to read.  Rather, in ideal case, the notification headline in one line and description text in two lines.

Also, make it crisp, creative and concise. Be very bold in what you say as well as stay polite. Remind the user to take actions on the website and about the products they have liked, abandoned or visited a lot.

Images: Use very clear and visually attractive images. Use the images of the products so that user gets reminded of the product.

Call to Action: Don’t just send a simple notifications- suggest your users the action to be taken. Call to actions button like Buy Now, Visit Now, Review Now, etc.


Doing correct analysis, precise segmentation and writing intelligent notification copy can help you increase the click through rate of your push notifications.