Review Push Notifications

Our system helps you enhance your user ratings!

Ask for a review, increase your brand’s trust factor!

Whether your product’s performance turns out to be great or worse, it’s always a good practice to know the customer experience as it helps you improve your product and build good relationship with users. If the product's performance has been good, the customer’s review will help you build credibility, if not it would give you an opportunity to provide the solution and service to the users which might help you do the damage control. Sending review push notifications to the users using our pre-defined campaigns wouldn’t take even a minute but just one notification may earn you brand credibility, consumer trust and long term profit. Think about it!

Why send review push notifications?

  • Increase the probability of your users reviewing the products
  • Provide you with unbiased reviews directly from the user
  • Help you build the brand trust and credibility