Abandoned Cart Push Notifications

We remind your users to collect back their things from your cart!

Enable abandoned cart alerts to boost your ROI!

70% of your users abandon the cart for various reasons. The question is how to get them back for the purchase? Abandoned cart alerts may increase the cart recovery rate by a significantly higher percentage. Abandoned cart alert push notifications may do more than just notifying the visitor. It arrives on the screen, increasing the chances of the user to see it. No image loading time as in the case of emails. One step process and the user gets notified about his products waiting in the abandoned cart with a call to action button to take him for checkout. Your cart gets recovered and return on investment boosts.

Why send abandoned cart alert push notifications?

  • Reminds the user about products waiting in the cart
  • Triggers the purchasing emotion
  • Interactive by nature
  • Call to action buttons
  • Conversion centered
  • No waiting for the user to read the information