Aren’t browser push notifications getting too much fame these days? Every kind of website be it a blog, B2B, B2C or an ecommerce store, all of them are sending browser push notifications. But what is that single thing which everybody is missing and how can you increase conversions on your ecommerce store using browser push notifications?

It’s nothing but ‘personalization of the browser push notifications’. Yes, personalization is the key.

"Personalization wasn't supposed to be a cleverly veiled way to chase prospects around the web, showing them the same spammy ad for the same lame stuff as everyone else sees. No, it is a chance to differentiate at a human scale, to use behaviour as the most important clue about what people want and more important, what they need.” –Seth Godin

Personalization is one aspect which differentiates extra-ordinary campaigns from ordinary campaigns. It creates the difference in the way a user responds to any campaign. For example, if every browser push notification which you send is tailor made for the subscriber who has received it, won’t it gain his attention? Yes, it would. The reason why mass marketing methods do not have a very high conversion rate is because of the fact that it is meant for mass. If you start sending same promotional offer to everybody irrespective of their browsing behaviour, you might end up being unsubscribed. In case of browser push notification, you can’t do anything if your user unsubscribes. Thus, it is very necessary to send personalized push notifications.

“The message must connect powerfully on a human level — even if it’s found sketched on the back of a cocktail napkin on the floor under a subway seat.” — Jeff Olsen

Here are five ways to make your push notifications personalized for your users:

#1. Mention the name of the user in the notification

Be it the John, Peter, Kevin or Rocky, everybody loves to be called by their own name and not just ‘Dear User’ or just a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’. Using the names in the browser push notifications increases the feeling of belongingness and can increase the engagement on the website.

#2. Make it dedicated solely to the user and not to the general mass

One major mistake which we commit while sending push notifications is that we don’t send personalized pushes. Just in order to save time, we go for generalized messages. This again does not attract the user’s attention.

#3. Send notifications related to the products in his cart

Around 70% of the carts are abandoned by the users. If you can target the users intelligently, then you will be able to recover most of the cart. Even if 10% of the cart gets recovered, your ROI would go higher. Sending push notifications related to the product in the user’s cart will remind him of the product and the chances of the conversion would go higher.

#4. Send a reminder to the user regarding the replenished products

If you sell the products which get consumed after a certain interval of time, then you must track the duration till which the product will last and then should send a reminder notification to the user for the purchase. You can always include promotional offers in the notification to increase the chances of conversion.

#5. Send offers related to his browser history on the ecommerce store

Don’t send notifications as per your wish, writher understand the online body language of your user and send them notifications based on their online behaviour.

So, how these do personalized push notifications make a difference in this ecommerce arena:

#1. Makes an user feel that he is important

Sending customized browser push notifications, replenished notifications, and transactional notifications makes the user feel that he is of some value to the store. Always remember, if you don’t value your customer, he won’t value back. Reciprocity is the rule.

#2. It increases the sales and profits

Sending login based notifications, price drop alert notifications result in increase in the sales and profits.

#3. Adds to the word of mouth publicity

Sending notifications like review push notifications bring you in touch with your users which may help you ensure customer satisfaction and also reviews on your store. Getting reviewed positively is always a good marketing strategy and works well for the business too.

#4. Works towards recovering the abandoned cart

Sending customized web push notifications work well towards cart recovery. Also, one must keep in mind various factors while sending the abandoned cart push notifications. Two of them are:

1. If there are more than one products in the cart, then which one should be promoted?

2. What should be the appropriate time for sending abandoned cart push notifications?

#5. Increases the user’s trust on the ecommerce brand

Asking for the reviews, sending offers for the replenished products, sending back in stock notifications bring benefit to the ecommerce stores in terms of profit but they also add to the brand credibility.


Push notifications are an important tool for marketing in this information age. If you have an ecommerce store and want to increase ecommerce engagement, sales and conversion rates, then customized browser push notifications are the key to success.